Cattle Services

Tradeforus provides a suite of services for Irish beef and dairy farmers

Forestry Services

Tradeforus provides a more transparent marketplace for private sector forest owners

Sheep Services

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Producer Groups /

Tradeforus provides the expertise and the tools to establish, manage and grow producer groups

Purchasing Groups / Organisations

Tradeforus provides the expertise and the tools to establish, manage and grow purchasing groups

Organisation Membership Management

Tradeforus can assist and facilitate membership management for professional organisations


Tradeforus is an online marketplace for the agri-food, marine and forestry sectors – connecting both buyers and sellers in a professional manner.

By making trading more transparent and straightforward, we deliver savings and efficiencies. Through our easy-to-use online platform, we improve supply chains - unlocking value for all parties.

Our team is fully aware that we are privileged to be entrusted with the property of our sellers and the needs of those who purchase from them.

At all times, we conduct our business in an open, impartial and trustworthy manner.

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HOW IT Works

  • Farm-to-Farm Cattle Sales
  • Slaughter-Fit Cattle Sales
  • Cattle Pricing Dashboard
  • Commission

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At Tradeforus, we understand the need for accurate animal information when it comes to purchasing livestock. In addition, by providing this data to potential customers, these buyers can make more informed decisions and buy with certainty.

We also understand that farmers today do not have the time to be answering calls. That is why we provide a Livestock Officer to manage the sale for you, and only bring genuine customers – equipped with the correct animal details - to purchase your livestock.

Our marketing technology is securely linked to the Department of Agriculture’s AIM database, which provides correct information (DOB, movements, breed, residencies, days moved in, TB test and QA) on the animal(s) offered for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing a batch of animals after reviewing the lot details, just call the Livestock Officer who will organise viewing, collection or delivery.

Our officers assist and ensure that both farmers – each side of the transaction – are happy with the agreed price, and only after payment has been received will the purchased animals be released.

If required, Tradeforus has the capabilities to move animals from one herd to another – resulting in an efficient, transparent and streamlined service for both parties.

Need some help? No problem! Just call us and we will talk you through it or do it for you!

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At Tradeforus, we work to create more efficiency and unlock better prices for Irish beef farmers, by providing the tools to trade collectively rather than individually.

If you are not part of a producer group / organisation that we are working with, please call 045 853494 for the latest Tradeforus prices and how we might help you going forward.  

We want to work with like-minded, progressive farmers who share our vision for a profitable, productive and sustainable beef industry.

At Tradeforus, our goal is to develop real partnerships between farmers and processors, creating benefits for all parties with improved efficiency in the supply chain.

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At Tradeforus, we provide an industry-first pricing database for animals sold farm-to-farm, for live export and to beef processors.

Prices paid for animals – including type, breed and weight – will be displayed on our pricing dashboard, allowing farmers keep up to date with the latest market trends and prices.

Farmers will have the option to filter by type, weight and breed to obtain market information on the desired animal type and spec.

This real-time pricing tool will once again inform the farmer with additional details, so a calculated decision can be made when it comes to marketing or purchasing stock, while also providing price transparency across all animals.

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Our company works for Irish farmers - providing many services and tools that help the primary producer.

The Tradeforus portal is completely FREE to use, and while registration is required to view lots for sale and for the market pricing dashboard, this information is freely available to the user.

Buyers and sellers are only charged a fee when a transaction takes place, with this fee varying depending on the type of animal being sold or purchased.

In addition - for producer organisations or purchasing groups - Tradeforus offers a menu of services to suit all needs.

CONTACT US for more information on our pricing.



We observe the highest standards of probity and honesty and always deliver with fairness


We remain impartial in dealing with transactions. The decision to buy or sell rests solely with the parties to that transaction


We know we are in a position of trust and we uphold that trust with honour


We adhere to the professional and ethical standards of business practice and behave with integrity and fairness in exercising our duties


We keep our dealings and communications clear, simple and practical


We evolve by listening and adapting to the needs of our clients. We grow with them as we deliver their requirements

TradeForUs Sustainability

Tradeforus is committed to caring for our precious environment. We will always endeavour to promote internal policies that are aligned with best practice in our sector.

At our core is a drive for supply chain efficiencies, which in many cases contribute positively to climate action and the protection of our environment.

Tradeforus is committed to playing our part and helping those we engage with do likewise.